About US

We are Magic Touch Advertising & Printing House,
Our distinguished team exists in the Egyptian market
for more than 10 years, Understanding the value of the
customer and his needs along with the value of his
requests & the problems he might faces.
Help customers to be distinguished and be the best
companies in their field through the best designs and
The best execution in our printing presses.
We provide all advertising services for all fields with
best price, best quality & fastest delivery time.

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Our Vision:

First: The Advertising Companies nowadays in the market has become too much, It is a good & bad thing in the same time as the good one will be distinguished & shine while if any customer had a bad experience with any agency he will assume that all agencies are bad.

Secondly: The Customer needs increased in all areas of advertising & marketing his problem is that not all agencies are offering all the advertising & marketing services & if offering all they don’t produce them all in house so the prices goes higher by outsourcing the needed services or accepts only what they produce & let the customer deal with many agencies at the same time which became very difficult to follow & to meet the deadline.

Our Mission:

First mission is to be distinguished in the market & that by understanding all the customer’s needs & involve him with all the needed details as a member of our team.

Second, We assess all the customer’s needs in one place using our printing house that guarantee the best price , best quality along with the fastest delivery time.

Third, we always renovate our printing machines so that our customer always gets the latest highest quality.

Why do you choose to work with us?

If you think about the best price along with the best quality in the Market using our printing house.

If you need all the Advertising & Marketing services in one place you will find the best quality & fastest
delivery with us.
Our print house uses the latest machines “starfire” digital printing machines with print head quality 10 Pl with capacity
of 400 MR per hour & indoor machine with print head DX5.